Marketing Open Data Project

What is Marketing Open Data?

Marketing Open Data is a collection of over two dozen (and growing) open source data files that are free for anyone to use. It includes data sets like Free ISP Domains, Zip Codes by City, and our favorite—Suspect Contact Names (a.k.a. “The Mickey Mouse List”). All of this data is maintained by the community, so feel free to share improvements.

What Can I Do with Marketing Open Data?

This data has been collected to help marketers clean, enrich, and validate their databases. Some marketers incorporate these data sets into their house lists using Excel with the VLOOKUP function. These tables are also used in data automation/data orchestration solutions. But, you can use the data any way you like.

How Can I Contribute to the Project?

We’re always looking for input on how we can make this data better! Want to contribute a new data set? Do you have suggestions on improvements to an existing dataset? Don’t see a data set you’d like published? Just send an email to

Ready to Check out the Data Sets?

About Marketing Open Data

Marketing Open Data is an open source project that provides a free collection of datasets you can use to improve the quality of your marketing, sales, and support data. Current project leaders work at Openprise. Wanna help? We’re always looking for volunteer managers and even co-leaders! Send an email to C’mon, get in here!

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